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A Clash of Titans is Coming to Call of Duty:Warzone

Prepare for Operation Monarch the latest crossover for Warzone that will include the two legendary monsters in Godzilla and King Kong.

This is not a drill! Two of the most iconic monsters of all time are about to do battle in Warzone. The third season for Vanguard MP and Warzone known as "Classified Arms" will kick off on April 27th. This event will lead up to the iconic "Titans of the Monsterverse," Godzilla and Kong making an appearance.

Starting on May 11th, Operation Monarch will bring a whole host of new content to Call of Duty: Warzone. The biggest addition will be Godzilla and King Kong arriving on Activision's battle royale stage. It's still unclear how the two behemoths will fit into the game, and how they will impact the FPS experience.

It would be interesting to see them used as a kill streak reward or have them duke it out at the end of each round. Either way, the one element of this latest crossover that is looking phenomenal is the Godzilla and Kong themed player skins and gear:

Included in Operation Monarch will be a new game mode, new map areas, weapons, and operators. The game mode is said to be "a brand-new way to play Warzone" according to the blog post.

Operation Monarch will also introduce new pieces of "extremely powerful" equipment and gear, as well as new cosmetic items. These include player skins for Godzilla and King Kong and more.

The update will also add new vehicle skins, weapons blueprints, and emblems. Will you be diving back into Warzone to face-off against the King of Monsters? Let me know in the comments below!


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