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Final Fantasy XVI PlayStation State of Play

A dedicated Final Fantasy 16 PlayStation State of Play showed off incredible gameplay, combat and the open areas of Valisthea.

Today's PlayStation State of Play was dedicated to showcasing Final Fantasy XVI, and it delivered on multiple fronts. The latest installment in the legendary franchise is shaping up to be a visually stunning experience, with a unique combat system that blends action and strategy. The trailer featured detailed commentary from producer Naoki Yoshida, who spoke about the importance of respecting classic Final Fantasy elements while introducing new mechanics to keep the classic formula fresh to all audiences. The story of Final Fantasy XVI follows the journey of leader Clive Rosfield. In the 25-plus minute presentation, we got to see Clive in action, and it didn't disappoint. We saw the protagonist battle, interact with other characters and explore the stunning open world.

Fast-paced combat

The new combat stole the showcase for me. We got to see Clive in action, demonstrating his skills against other human opponents, monsters and more. The battles for Final Fantasy XVI will all be real-time in live action, forgoing turn-based combat. The show revealed new footage of Clive’s action gameplay, titanic clashes that were fast, frantic and dazzling to look at.

From the footage we saw, players will be able to use magical spells and powerful special moves to take down enemies. It looked like there were a lot of strategies involved in the combat too, with players needing to be mindful of their surroundings and position themselves accordingly to gain an advantage.

Eikon battles

These new battles were also featured, which saw Clive summoning magical beasts and using their powers to gain the upper hand in combat. The Eikons look and feel like they could be a major part of Final Fantasy XVI’s unique battle system, with players needing to use the right combination of spells and summons in order to succeed.

Companions and Torgal

Like other games in the series you'll meet and have other companions join you on your adventures and in battle. For me Torgal, who is a smart, loyal and fearsome furry companion was the standout. He is completely AI-driven but also can be given direct instructions. So, it's up to you how far you want him to be involved in the game.

Sid's Hideaway

The State of Play gave us some exciting new details about Final Fantasy XVI that fans will surely love. For instance, players will be able to take advantage of new features within the Hideout like speaking to advisors, historian Harpocrates, and military scholar Vivian. By speaking to Harpocrates, players can learn more about the world of Valisthea and its rich history while Vivian can provide insight into the characters and their relationships. One of the standout features of today's State of Play was Clive's Hideout. This serves as the base camp throughout the game, where players can prepare for an upcoming show by crafting items with gathered materials or tackling training modes.

Arete Mode

Another exciting addition is the ‘Arete Stone’ which players can use to access the training mode in Clive’s Hideout. This is a great way to practice combat skills and combination abilities, especially after learning a new ability or skill. Players can also check the Wanted Posters in the Hideaway to discover powerful monsters roaming around the world. Defeating these enemies will yield a variety of powerful rewards, including weapons and other valuable items. Players can also accept Mob Hunts, which allows you to take on stronger enemies, from the Hunt Board where you’ll spot a familiar face from the series – a Moogle!

We also got a closer look at two important characters in the game. Loresman Harpocrates studies the history and customs of Valisthea, the world in which Final Fantasy XVI is set. As Clive shares his past experiences, Harpocrates gains new knowledge as a researcher. Vivian the Military Scholar gives Clive lectures at various points in the story and is very knowledgeable about present-day Valisthea, as well as its history.

Excitement builds as we move closer to Final Fantasy XVI's launch

Overall, today's State of Play left me with plenty to be excited about for the next Final Fantasy. It was an exciting dive into Final Fantasy XVI’s world, showing off stunning visuals, new characters and fast-paced battles that blend action and strategy. Clive's Hideout, Loresman Harpocrates, and Vivian the Military Scholar offer new ways to interact with the world of Valisthea, while the new combat footage offers a tantalizing glimpse at what we can expect when Final Fantasy XVI releases on June 22nd. With each new trailer we get from Square Enix, it's becoming clear that Final Fantasy XVI is going to be something special when it releases exclusively on PS5 later this year.


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