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God of War Ragnarok Adds New Game Plus Mode

God of War Ragnarok added a New Game Plus mode bringing back a fan favourite piece of equipment and much more.

The already stellar God of War Ragnarök just got even better adding new features, equipment and more to enhance your gameplay experience. Developer Santa Monica Studio announced a "New Game Plus" mode has arrived for players to dive back into the action. You can now start off in the new mode using an existing save file that will ratchet up the difficulty with more powerful enemies, tougher challenges and bigger rewards. Alongside this announcement, new armour sets have been added to provide players with new options for their style of play. Let's take a look at all the new changes:

New ways to play

The New Game Plus mode is a great way to upgrade your gameplay experience. After completing the base game, players can dive back into the action with more gameplay options available from the start. The mode introduces new equipment, a higher-level cap, and new enchantments. Even better, your equipment, weapons, and skills will carry over from your previous save.

New armour and equipment options

One of the most exciting features of the New Game Plus mode is the availability of new equipment. Players now have access to the Armor of the Black Bear, Spartan Armor, Ares Armor, Zeus Armor, and the new Spartan Aspis shield.

I'm excited for the return of the Armor of the Black Bear which features a cloak that Kratos casts off early in the game and never returns. Now when you start NG+ it's the first outfit combination you'll see.

These additions provide a new layer of excitement to the game, as players can now try out new strategies in battle with their characters.

Remixed armour aesthetics

With the introduction of the New Game Plus mode, players have 13 revamped armour sets to choose from. The remixed armour sets have new colour combinations and styles that were not previously available. This makes it possible to keep things fresh and lets players experiment with different armour combinations to create a unique look.

New level cap

Another exciting feature of the new mode is the opportunity to reach the new level cap. This comes with the ability to convert all your Level 9 equipment into new “Plus” versions, which provide additional levels of progression. With access to more powerful weapons and armour, players will be more than equipped to face any in-game challenges that come their way.

New enchantments

Additionally, there are now over 30 new enchantments available in the New Game Plus mode, ranging from enhancements to bonuses and extra stats. This increase in enchantments available allows players to customize their characters in novel ways, giving them an edge in battles.

These new updates bring a lot of excitement for returning players and newcomers alike. The New Game Plus mode opens up new gameplay options with updated equipment, a higher level cap, and more Enchantments. The revamped armour sets' aesthetic changes keep things fresh, allowing players to experiment with different colour combinations and styles. The available upgrades provide an exciting opportunity for seasoned veterans of God of War Ragnarök and newcomers alike. Whether you're playing for the first time or revisiting a familiar world, the new additions to the game assure players of an epic battle experience. So, ready yourself for the adventure ahead; God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus is waiting for you!


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