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God of War Ragnarok Collector’s Edition Unboxing

PlayStation dropped the hammer of Thor at my front door, a full unboxing and everything included in the package.

PlayStation Canada sent a group of Odin's ravens to deliver an unexpected surprise: A God of War Ragnarök Collector’s Edition to unbox. If you haven't already checked out my full review of the game, it's live here, and was awarded the site's very first perfect score.

The Ragnarök Collector's Edition offers digital and physical items that God of War fans won't want to miss out on. Let's dig into everything the CE has to offer and pull back the layers of the Asgardian package to uncover the Viking treasures within:

The box is massive, as one might expect, as it includes Thor's legendary hammer Mjölnir. The exterior box art features a silhouette of Kratos and his son Atreus. The surrounding artwork features symbols and a Nordic stylization inside and out, much like the game, the stunning artwork is reflected in all facets of the Collector's Edition.

Pulling back the exterior box, you'll find a massive chest that represents the Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine:

The doors of the shire have cloth "handles" that can be pulled open. Magnets along the edges of the shrine's frame act as a latch.

Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine Artwork

Once opened, you'll find a massive piece of artwork from God of War 2018 that foretells parts of Kratos and Atreus' adventures in the 9 realms:

Inside the Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine are all sorts of goodies, along with one giant hidden compartment. The top of the box is actually a massive lid, and underneath it houses a steelbook case with a printed voucher for the game, 2” Vanir figurines and a pouch containing a set of Dwarven Dice.

Here's a closer look at each item:

God of War Ragnarök Steelbook

The God of War Ragnarök Steelbook Display Case depicts stunning renditions of the "Bear and the Wolf." The back of the case also features Old Norse script and the inside of the case has stunning concept artwork featuring Kratos and Arteus in the midst of Fimbulwinter. The included paperwork features codes for all the digital items that come with the set:

  • Kratos Darkdale Armor

  • Atreus Darkdale Attire

  • Darkdale Blades Handles for the Blades of Chaos

  • Darkdale Axe Grip for the Leviathan Axe

  • Official God of War Ragnarök Digital Soundtrack

  • Dark Horse Digital Mini Artbook

  • Avatar Set

  • PlayStation 4 Theme

Vanir Twin Carvings

The Collectors Edition also includes 2-inch Vanir Twins Carvings, these are in the same style as Atreus’ wooden toy carvings of the Huldra Brothers from the God of War (2018) Collector’s Edition. Combining the two sets of figures gives collectors a complete set for the God of Series thus far.

Dwarven Dice Set

A nice, weighty set of dice are included with a quality wood-like finish. They come in a brown canvas dice bag with a symbol of Yggdrasil on the outside.

Thor’s Mjölnir

Opening the massive central compartment reveals the big show piece of the Collector's Edition: A highly detailed 16” Mjölnir Replica of Thor’s signature weapon. The build quality of the hammer is great, featuring a ton of detail and a hefty amount of weight to it. The handle also features a textured leather wrapping and isn't sculpted plastic. Overall, the detail, quality and premium feel of Mjölnir in the set makes it a worth memento to the epic game.

Final Thoughts on the God of War Ragnarök Collector's Edition

The Collector's Edition is definitely worth the added cost, especially for mega-fans of the series. It offers an impressive selection of physical and digital goodies for gamers to get their hands on. Whether or not you're a collector, this set is well-crafted and provides a great way to show off your love for the series. Plus, the price is more than reasonable for what it includes. Overall, this Collector's Edition is a must-have for God of War fans!

If you want to get the Ragnarök Collector’s Edition or just the game itself, you can now purchase it at all major retailers. If you've already played the game and are looking for an awesome collectors package, this is definitely worth checking out. So what are your thoughts on the God of War Ragnarök Collector's Edition? Were you able to snag one? Let me know in the comments section below.


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