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Guerrilla Offers a New Look at Forbidden West

Meet some of the new companions and foes who will join Aloy's epic quest in the next chapter of Horizon.

Developer Guerrilla Games pulled back the curtain a little further on the upcoming Horizon Forbidden West and the challenges Aloy will face in the new adventure. In a new PlayStation blog post, the team shared details on some of the unique regions and characters Aloy will encounter in her journey to uncover more about the world before The Derangement.

New experiences, friends, and foes

The next chapter of Aloy's tale begins on February 18, 2022 on the PS4 and PS5. She will face a barrage of new challenges: a world-ending pestilence, Regalla's ruthless forces and new robotic foes. Guerilla also teased many additional twists and enemies that have yet to be fully unveiled.

What we did get a look at was more of the beautiful, but deadly, world. Foreboding, snow-capped mountains tower over the landscape as new enemies wage their own war against humanity. Aloy will need to be at the top of her game as she makes her way from sea level to those perilous peaks and beyond.

What exactly lies ahead for our heroine? We don't know yet, but Guerilla promises players will have a more expansive area to explore outside of Horizon's previous map with all-new mysteries and exotic creatures. You'll be able to battle foes across arid grasslands, lush forests, and new underwater locations.

Guerilla also shared brand-new key art, in which Aloy's crew fights Regalla,her forces, and some of the West's most dangerous foes.

New friends and returning allies

Aloy will not face these challenges alone, however. She'll be accompanied by allies new and old like Zo, Alva, and Kotallo. The continuation of Aloy's tale will be fraught with a storm of threats and perils.

"Aloy will not face these challenges alone, however. She'll be accompanied by allies new and old"

Sony has shared a new story trailer, providing a glimpse at what's in store for players as they explore the Forbidden West. Check it out below:

A star-studded lineup

The returning cast will include Ashly Burch as Aloy, Lance Reddick as Sylens, John MacMillan as Aloy's loyal friend Varl, and John Hopkins as Erend, the Oseram warrior.

Horizon Forbidden West has also added two new characters to its already sizable cast: Noshir Dalal as Kotallo, the Tenakth warrior, and Carrie-Anne Moss as Tilda, a mysterious figure that we don't know a lot about. However, one thing that's certain is her presence will have a large impact on Aloy's adventure.

You'll be able to experience Aloy's latest adventure when the game launches on February 18, 2022 on the PS4 and PS5.


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