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Highlights From August 2022's Pokémon Presents

The latest updates about Pokémon Scarlet, Pokémon Violet and more have arrived in the latest Pokémon Presents video showcase.

The latest Pokémon Presents featured new details about the new Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet games scheduled to release on November 18, 2022 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. New information was also revealed about Pokémon GO, Pokémon UNITE, and Pokémon Café ReMix. Overall, there was quite a bit of information in the just under 20 minute presentation, let's dive into all the announcements!

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

During this presentation, we got to learn more about Koraidon and Miraidon, the Legendary Pokémon that will accompany you on your journey through the Paldea region in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

These Pokémon act as a form of transportation that can help you get around via land, sea and air. As always, each version will feature exclusive Pokémon, you can see a full list of all the confirmed pocket creatures here.

Welcome to the Paldea Region

The game takes place in the Paldea Region, which has distinct areas such as open fields, lakes, mountains, desolate wastelands, and treacherous mountain ranges. This particular region is known to be rich in natural beauty and Pokémon.

Many people and Pokémon live together in a number of settings, ranging from a farming hamlets to bustling port cities with an active markets. The first look offered lush detailed modern settings that are a big change from those of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Play Through Your Adventure in Any Order

In the open-world games, you'll play as a student at a prestigious academy, depending on the version you are playing details about the school will change like the name, emblems and more.

There, you'll meet new friends and go on a Treasure Hunt to discover three central stories: one of which is the typical Pokémon adventure of conquering eight Pokémon Gyms in order to become a Champion.

Terastal phenomenon

Along with new Pokémon (like my personal favourite Fidough) you'll also experience new mysteries. The latest revealed is the Terastal phenomenon which makes Pokémon shine like gems, provides a boost to a Pokémon’s type, and can even change some Pokémon’s type based on their Tera Type. As a pre-order bonus, players will receive a special Pikachu that shines like a diamond.


2022 Pokémon World Championships

The Pokémon Company International's Director of Global Esports and Events Producer, Chris Brown, shared details on the 2022 Pokémon World Championships, which will take place August 18–21, 2022, in London, England.

You can check out the 2022 Pokémon World Championships official site for more details.


Pokémon GO

At Pokémon GO Fest events all over the world, strange creatures known as Ultra Beasts have been turning up. If you weren't able to go to one of those events the Ultra Beasts will return during the Pokémon GO Fest 2022: Finale, on August 27, 2022. Trainers will be able to encounter Pokémon they wouldn't normally, and there will be Special Research that allows them to meet with the Mythical Pokémon Shaymin. Players can also attract Pokémon that aren't normally found locally with the new Daily Adventure Incense, which can be utilized once a day for 15 minutes.

For more information about upcoming events visit the official Pokémon GO website.


Pokémon UNITE

To commemorate Pokémon UNITE's first anniversary new Pokémon and features are being added to the game along with many events and campaigns. The celebration starts with Pika Party, a brand new style of quick battle that can be played right now. In these matches, all Pokémon on the field—both wild and player-controlled—are Pikachu! The Ultra Beast Buzzwole has also joined Unite Battles. When it eliminates an opponent Pokémon, the Beast Boost Ability of the Buzzwole temporarily boosts its movement speed and basic attack speed. More events are planned for September, for more details visit the Pokémon UNITE official site.


Pokémon Café ReMix

The Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo has reemerged at Pokémon Café ReMix. Prepare a variety of delectable drinks and meals in a one-minute cooking challenge to keep Mewtwo satisfied. If he's happy enough he'll join your café staff. For culinary advice, and more info check out the Pokémon Café ReMix website.

The Full Uncut Pokémon Presents

There you have it, a very exciting time for Poké fans everywhere, with new announcements for everyone's favourite pocket monsters. If you want to watch the full Pokémon Presents I've included it below:

That's all for this month's Pokémon Presents! What did you think? Are you excited for any of the upcoming titles or features? Let me know in the comments below.


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