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Indiana Jones and The Great Circle Revealed

MachineGames offers a first ever look at Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, here are all the details in one spot.

During the Xbox Developer_Direct we got our first look at Indiana Jones and The Great Circle. The new game, based on the iconic franchise, is coming later this year, and it looks to shaping up as an incredible adventure. The over 13-minute trailer had developer MachineGames offer a detailed look at the upcoming adventure.

Here is everything you need to know about Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, and you won’t even need to jump into the Temple of Doom to unearth these details:

An adventure that will take you full circle

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is a first-person, single-player action-adventure game that looks to take players on a thrilling journey across the globe. You’ll uncover clues and solve an ancient mystery. The game is set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade, in 1937, and features an original story that draws from the film series.

As Indiana Jones, you will face sinister forces that are after a secret power connected to the Great Circle, which refers to mysterious sites around the world that form a perfect circle when connected on a map. You will visit various real-world locations, such as Rome, Thailand, Egypt, and the Himalayas, and explore them to unravel the mysteries of the circle. You will also use your wits and your whip to fight enemies, swing over gaps, and solve puzzles.

The game is developed by MachineGames, the award-winning studio behind the recent Wolfenstein series, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, and executive produced by Todd Howard from Bethesda Game Studios. MachineGames has an incredible affinity for developing high-octane FPS experiences, their reboot of the Wolfenstein franchise is one of my favourite modern shooters, seeing them entrusted with the Indiana Jones franchise is extremely exciting.

Step into Indy’s Shoes

The game will be played primarily from a first-person perspective but will switch to a third-person view for certain gameplay actions and cutscenes. The perspective has drawn some controversy, but for me personally knowing what MachineGames is capable of in the genre, I think it’s the perfect choice. The Great Circle will offer a mix of linear, story-sensitive areas and wider, exploratory landscapes, where you will have the freedom to choose how to approach each situation. You can either engage in direct combat with enemies or use stealth to avoid them.

“Our game is about putting you in the shoes of an iconic hero,” says Design Director Jens Andersson, “Since we are doing this mostly in first-person, you have the chance to truly become Indy. First-person makes you part of this world – allowing you to explore and experience things more intimately. What will you do when you’re dropped into this adventure with your wits and your whip? The world of Indiana Jones is a world with mysteries around every corner, where you’re racing against the clock and outsmarting your enemies as you hunt down artifacts.”

"First-person makes you part of this world – allowing you to explore and experience things more intimately."

You can also use your whip as a weapon, or as a tool to traverse the environment and solve puzzles. I’m excited to give the bullwhip a try, it seems like the team has put a lot into Indy’s iconic weapon and it looks to add a unique factor to the gameplay.

Even from the "first look" it was apparent the game is trying to capture the spirit and tone of the Indiana Jones movies, with cinematic set pieces, humorous moments, and a sense of wonder and discovery.

Classic musical scores return

The game will feature original music by Gordy Haab, who has worked on pieces for many Star Wars and Indiana Jones games, so he’s got the pedigree. If his latest work on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is any indication, we are in for a real treat. During the presentation the iconic theme swelled in the background and hit proper highs during intense moments. I’m really looking forward to hearing how Haab works the soundtrack into this new adventure.

When and where can I play it?

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is coming later this year to Xbox Series X|S and PC, and will be available day one on Game Pass. If you are excited about the game, you are not alone. The Great Circle has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among fans and critics alike. For me, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is shaping up to be a must-play game and shot to the top of my list of most anticipated titles for 2024. Stay tuned for more updates and news as the game’s release date approaches.


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