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Madden 23 Super Bowl LVII Super Sim Prediction

It's time to predict the winner of Super Bowl LVII with EA Sports Madden 23, let's hit the gridiron and determine a winner.

Super Bowl LVII is almost here, and the Kansas City Chiefs are facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles in a battle royale at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The plotlines coming into Superbowl Sunday are chock-full of drama and intrigue, with the Eagles looking to complete another Cinderella run, and the Chiefs aiming to add to their trophy case with a third title.

While many sports fans are split on who they think will take home the Lombardi Trophy, is taking things one step further by using EA Sports Madden 23 to predict the Super Bowl champion!

Madden's accuracy in predicting a Super Bowl champion

Since 2004, the Madden NFL franchise video game has been correct 50% of the time when predicting the winner. Objectively, it's not too shabby considering all the factors at play.

"Since 2004, the Madden NFL franchise video game has been correct 50% of the time when predicting the winner."

This year Madden 23 has employed more true-to-life physics, ball handling and Next-Gen player stats to keep things as life-like as possible. Using a simulation setting and the most up-to-date rosters and stats it's time to use Madden 23 to predict a winner.

Dapper Tux's Madden 23 Super Bowl LVII Sim

Let's flip the virtual coin and get the game underway. While this is only a simulation and in no way reflects what might happen in real life on Super Bowl Sunday, it's nice to know there are ways of getting as close to predicting a winner as possible.

Here's what my Madden 23 sim predicts for Super Bowl LVII:

First Quarter Summary - A quick punch of Kansas offence

On the coin toss Eagles take first possession but aren't able to muster much offence and end up punting it away. The Chiefs, on the other hand, take advantage on their first drive and march down the field for a touchdown! Patrick Mahomes makes good on a 4-play rush spanning 84 yards and punches in the first touchdown of Super Bowl LVII.

Mahomes is able to connect with M.Valdes-Scantling on a 31-yard pass. The field goal attempt is good from H.Butker at 2:32 of the quarter.

End of Q1 Score:

Philadelphia 0

Kansas City 7

Second Quarter - Kansas builds on their lead

The quarter sees both teams trading blows back and forth as they try to take control of the game. The Eagles respond at the start of the quarter with a field goal from J. Elliot and pick-up 3 points.

On their second drive, Kansas continues its fast-charging offence but a timely sack from H. Reddick on Mahomes creates a 10-yard loss and halts the drive.

Butker comes on for a KC fieldgoal attempt and is successful adding 3 points to Kansas' lead.

End of Q2 Score:

Philadelphia 3

Kansas City 10

Third Quarter - Stalemate

The third quarter sees a stalemate between the two teams with no points scored. The quarter ends with Eagles having possession of the ball and looking dangerous on a late drive.

End of Q3 Score:

Philadelphia 3

Kansas City 10

Fourth Quarter - A dramatic finish

The Eagles manage to find their footing in the fourth quarter as they push forward and score their first touchdown of the game. J.Hurts connects with Dallas Goedert on an 7-yard pass, Elliot adds an extra point with the field goal tying the game and setting the stage for a dramatic finish late in the quarter.

The Eagles defence comes alive stopping KC's offence dead in its tracks, ending a drive with a sack on Mahomes. It's all defence as both teams offensive find little rhythm moving the ball.

On the Eagles next possession they pound the ball down the field inch-by-inch eventually Hurts connects with Miles Sanders for a touchdown. After review the TD is disallowed, setting the stage for a do or die moment for The Eagles.

They go right back to Sanders with the hot hand and punch in a 0.1 yard play for the touchdown (and it counts this time.)

The kick is good for an extra point. Philly takes it's first lead of the game. It's now up to Kansas to respond with a touchdown or go home empty handed.

Mahomes leads a furious charge down the field, knocking on the door at Philadelphia's 10-yard line, but the Eagles D hangs on and swats away a potentially game-tying play to claim Super Bowl LVII.

Final Score for Super Bowl LVII

Philadelphia 17

Kansas City 10 predicts the Philadelphia Eagles as your Super Bowl LVII Champions!

EA Madden's Own Official Prediction

EA also put together their own video package with Chad Ochocinco to share their Madden 23 champion, take a look:

Of course, we can only wait and see on Sunday who will actually come out on top in Super Bowl LVII. Until then, let's just say it looks like the Eagles will be flying high on Sunday. There's nothing quite like a good simulation to predict what could be coming our way! Who’s got your pick for the championship? Sound off in the comments below!

A copy of the game was provided by EA Sports for review.


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