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Madden 24 Review

Madden NFL 24 hot the gridiron. Join the huddle and find out what new features have arrived in my detailed review.

Prepare to take the field in Madden NFL 24, the newest entry in the acclaimed football franchise. EA Tiburon, the developer behind the series, has improved various aspects of the gameplay mechanics. The game features better animation, graphics, and player AI, making each play more authentic and realistic. This is the most satisfying on field experience that the series has ever delivered, bringing you closer to the action of a real football game. Madden 24 introduces some significant changes to the core gameplay, but only minor updates to its game modes. In this review I'll dive into all the new features, key gameplay tweaks and more.

Madden 24 details

Platform(s): PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC

Developer(s): EA Tiburon

Publisher(s): EA Sports

Genre: Sports

Modes: Single-player, multiplayer

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

Madden 24 gameplay enhancements

Madden 24 delivers the most significant gameplay improvements in years, making every play more realistic and immersive. NFL 24 offers a new version of FieldSENSE, which gives you more control over passing, receiving, and tackling. The stunning visuals of the SAPIEN technology create a lifelike player models and movement.

The SAPIEN technology uses a new skeleton system that captures every detail of the players’ appearance. In my gameplay sessions on the Xbox Series X, I have noticed that the animations are much more fluid and natural. There are also far less instances of getting snagged on other players and objects on the field. Overall, the action feels “cleaner” and more lifelike.

More impactful football

Madden 24 has revamped its animation system to take into account the size, weight, and strength of the players, leading to more fluid and dynamic interactions on the field. For instance, I saw bigger defensive players grabbing small offensive players and throwing them down, or wide receivers making amazing one-handed catches while diving. The game also reduces the animation glitches that occasionally occurred in NFL 23. Madden 24 is the most natural and authentic looking Madden yet, and it also incorporates more football intelligence in its gameplay.

An improved playbook

NFL 24 also enhances the football IQ of quarterbacks, ball carriers, blockers, and defenders. They are more intelligent and adaptive faster to different scenarios. I noticed that my CPU teammates were making better choices and following the play more closely. There were far less head scratching frustrating moments during big plays. Many mobile quarterbacks like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes had more realistic behaviors and tendencies that matched their real-life counter parts. They run and pass the ball as they would in real-life situations, adding more authenticity and challenge to the game.

Mini-games are back!

Madden 24 also brings back the popular mini games mode, which has been absent since Madden 12. The mode offers 26 different challenges that test your skills in various aspects of football. You can play game types like Target Passing for Quarterbacks, Rushing Attack (for Halfbacks and Fullbacks) and Field Goal Accuracy for Kickers. These mini games are also integrated with modes like Franchise and Training Camp, allowing you to improve your player stats in the league / mode. The mini games are a lot of fun, but they could use more variety and less repetition. Some game types are too similar or too frequent, making them less engaging after a while. Despite that, they are a welcome addition to the Madden 24 package and I hope they return in Madden 25.

Franchise mode enhancements

Madden 24 adds some new features and improvements to Franchise Mode, making it more realistic and immersive. You can now trade up to six players or picks, instead of three, giving you more flexibility and options in building your team. You can also relocate your franchise to more cities and choose from more uniforms and logos. Franchise mode also has a revamped free agency and draft system, giving you more control and feedback over your decisions. You can also customize your coaching staff and assign them different roles and abilities, such as offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, or head coach. There is also a new “scenario engine” that creates dynamic events and stories based on your performance and choices. Overall, there are some minor improvements here that still fall short of more impressive sports franchises like the NBA 2K series.

The march to 99 in Madden 24

Superstar mode returns this year allowing you to create your own player and pursue your NFL dreams. When creating your player you can choose from 5 positions: quarterback, halfback, wide receiver, linebacker, or cornerback. You can also customize your appearance, attributes, skills, and personality. There are two sub-modes to play: The League, which is an offline career mode that takes you from the combine to the draft and beyond. You can experience the highs and lows of being an NFL player, from signing contracts to winning championships. There is also the Showdown, which is an online mode that lets you compete with other players in various events and challenges. You can earn rewards and improve your rating as you strive to reach the coveted 99 overall rating.

Graphics and performance

Madden 24 runs on the Frostbite 3 engine, which delivers stunning graphics and realistic physics. The game has improved lighting, shadows, textures, and weather effects that create a more immersive gameday atmosphere. Snow looks great as it tracks the players’ footprints and movements on the field. However, Madden 24’s graphics are not flawless. The game still has some glitches, bugs, and performance issues that can affect the gameplay experience. It has improved a lot over Madden 23, but some problems remain. I encountered clipping and missing textures during my time with the game. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it does break the immersion from time to time. Madden 24 also has very long loading times in the game’s main menus and in play calling selection. Despite these issues, Madden 24 is still the best-looking football game on next-gen consoles and PC.

Cross play arrives in Madden 24

This year, a highly-requested feature finally arrived in Madden 24 with next generation platform cross play. In NFL 24’s case, cross-play allows you to play online with or against players on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. It works with specific modes in online Head-to-Head, Madden Ultimate Team, Superstar KO, and Superstar Showdown. My experience with cross play has been great so far and I was able to connect with players on the PS5 seamlessly. Unfortunately, cross play is not supported on the PS4 and Xbox One currently, so keep this in mind.

Final thoughts on Madden 24

Madden 24 has improved gameplay mechanics that make it more realistic and enjoyable than last year’s iteration. In addition to great graphics and new animation mechanics, this is the best Madden football experience yet. However, NFL 24 is not without its flaws. The game still has some technical issues and long loading times that can pull you out of the action. On the upside, there are some new additions to game modes like franchise, but Madden 24 feels like a refined version of last season’s entry rather than a completely new experience. If you’re looking for a football game that will keep you entertained for hours with solid football fundamentals, Madden 24 will tick all those boxes. Overall, I can recommend Madden 24 if you are looking for a football fix this season.

Madden 24 PROs

+Enhanced gameplay with better animations, graphics, and smarter AI.

+Adaptive CPU teammates make for less frustrating big plays.

+The return of mini-games

Madden 24 CONs

-Game modes see only minor updates.

-Some mini-games lack variety and feel repetitive over time.

-Despite graphical upgrades, glitches and long loading times disrupt the gaming experience.

Gameplay: 7/10

Graphics: 8/10

Sound: 7/10

Replayability: 6/10

Overall Rating: 28/40 (70%)

A copy of the game was provided by the developer for the purpose of this review.


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