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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review

The classic sci-fi trilogy has returned better than ever in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, my full review.

The classic sci-fi trilogy has returned better than ever in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If you are a fan of action RPGs the Mass Effect series is an absolute master class example of what the genre can be. It is easily one of my favourite gaming series of all time, there’s just so much to love. The game’s universe is vast, with deep fleshed out characters and rich lore in each new world you discover. The original developer, Bioware, has returned with a team of developers in Abstraction and Blind Squirrel Games to deliver a remastered experience in the Legendary Edition. This definitive collection of the games packs all three titles, 40+ pieces of DLC content, upgraded 4K visuals, UI improvements and more. Let’s board the SSV Normandy and explore all that the newly reimaged universe has to offer.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Details

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S and PC Reviewed on: Xbox Series X Developer: BioWare, Abstraction Games and Blind Squirrel Games Publisher: Electric Arts Genre: Action Role-Playing Game Modes: Single Player ESRB Rating: M-Mature (17 years and over)

The Legend of Shepard

The galactic tale begins in 2148 CE, when humans uncover ancient ruins on Mars. This discovery leads humanity to being able to understand Mass Effect Physics and Element Zero. They use this knowledge to harness “faster than light travel” allowing humans to venture deeper into space than ever before. This, in combination with the Mass Relay Network unlock warp travel across thousands of light years, opening new frontiers for discovery across the galaxy.

Fast-forward 35 years to 2183 CE and you’ll be suiting up as Lieutenant Commander Shepard. You are an elite human solider who must work to stop a highly advanced alien threat known as Reapers. In the role of Shepard, you make critical decision that impact the fate of the galaxy and how the story progresses across the entire trilogy.

The total package

Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes three full games:

  • 2007’s Mass Effect

  • 2010’s Mass Effect 2

  • 2012’s Mass Effect 3

You can play each game in any order that you wish, but I highly recommend starting off with the first game. It makes sense, as it has seen the most upgrades out of the entire series. The Legendary Edition not only includes all three games, but it also comes packed with plenty of extras. Over forty pieces of downloadable content including exclusive weapons, armor and packs have been added.

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