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Microsoft Introduces New Surface Devices, Accessories and Apps

A bevy of new reveals shows off very enticing new Microsoft hardware and software for work, play and beyond.

Today, Microsoft made announcements that affect its Surface, Microsoft 365 and Windows hardware and software offerings. The following is an overview of the news, along with product information and images of the sharp-looking hardware.

New Surface Hardware

Surface Pro 9

The Surface Pro 9 comes with an upgraded camera and audio, as well as a longer-lasting battery. In addition, there are now new colours of Surface Pro Signature Keyboards available: Sapphire and Forest. A limited-edition Surface device is available to purchase in honour of the 10-year anniversary, designed by Liberty of London.

Surface Laptop 5

The new Surface Laptop 5 not only has amazing picture quality and sound but also comes with enhanced camera experiences and a variety of colours to choose from. The hardware comes in Platinum, Matte Black, Sandstone, and (new this year) Sage. The hardware is powered by 12th Gen Intel Core built on the Intel EvoTM platform, with Windows 11 and a PixelSense touchscreen. Surface Laptop 5 is the best way to manage your work and make a difference on your own terms.

Design with a purpose on the Surface Studio 2+

Surface Studio 2+ is the latest and greatest all-in-one hardware from Microsoft, with a gorgeous display that is perfect for creative types. It comes with the latest generation of Intel Core processors and improved graphics performance, along with support of Adobe's colour gamut.

Whether you're an artist, or designer, or just want to connect to your favourite apps and services quickly, Surface Studio 2+ is one of the most versatile devices out there.

Microsoft Adaptive Accessories

Today, Microsoft also announced a new line of hardware accessories that are designed specifically for users who have limited mobility and dexterity. All features of adaptive technology are in place to help make computing easier and more accessible for everyone.

They are designed to work together and empower people who have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft Audio Dock features Omisonic speakers and noise-reducing microphones to improve sound and clarity during your meetings.

Microsoft Presenter+ is the first Microsoft Teams-certified presentation control, allowing you to advance slides, mute/unmute, join meetings and raise your hand.

New creator tools in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Designer is a free graphic design app that helps you create stunning designs and graphics. Designer will generate unique-to-you designs and offer personalized recommendations through cutting-edge AI from Microsoft and integrates image-generating AI from DALL-E 2.

Microsoft Create is a free one-stop-shop website for getting you started with creating videos, graphic designs, documents, presentations and more with templates and tips.

Microsoft is introducing new Apple integrations in Windows 11

Through a new integration with iCloud and the Photos app in Windows 11, you will soon be able to access your iPhone photos and videos on your Windows devices. Apple Music and the Apple TV app are available on Xbox consoles and will launch on Windows next year.

Overall, today's announcements from Microsoft show a continued commitment to delivering innovative hardware and software experiences that meet the needs of their users. Whether you're looking for powerful mobile devices like the Surface Pro 9 or new adaptive accessories like the Surface Mouse, there is something for everyone in today's lineup of products. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your local Microsoft store or online retailer right now to check out all the amazing new offerings!


About the Author - Matthew "Dapper Tux" Rondina

Matthew has been involved in all things gaming since the 8-bit era. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been passionate about technology and gaming for over 20 years. Along with being the Managing Editor of, he has bylines with Best Buy, Cineplex Entertainment, Mobile Syrup and Walmart. Follow Matthew’s gaming + tech adventures on twitter, Instagram and join in on the fun!


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