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Nintendo Direct June 2024 Everything Announced

All the Nintendo Direct June 2024 announcements in one spot, from classic comebacks to new games here's everything revealed during the videoshow

Nintendo’s June 2024 Direct offered a very exciting lineup that spans nostalgic remakes to innovative new titles. From the return of classics like Donkey Kong Country in HD to the fresh take on Dragon Quest in HD-2D, Nintendo’s diverse offerings promise a vibrant future for Switch players. We saw blockbuster surprise reveals like The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom and Metroid Prime 4: Beyond.

"Nintendo’s diverse offerings promise a vibrant future for Switch players. We saw blockbuster surprise reveals like The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom and Metroid Prime 4: Beyond."

The video showcase also featured many titles, including the seafaring Mario & Luigi: Brothership, the visually stunning MIO: Memories in Orbit and what's sure to be a family favourite in Super Mario Party Jamboree. I've organized all the announcements, trailers and release windows below, let's dive into all the direct's announcements:

Mario & Luigi: Brothership

Release Date: November 7, 2024

The dynamic duo has returned, this time on a seafaring adventure! The trailer revealed vibrant gameplay footage, new enemies, and an array of evolved bros moves. It also highlighted the game’s new setting, with Mario and Luigi navigating through treacherous waters, engaging in ship battles, and exploring tropical locals. I’m excited about this, and it's been a while for the series—it's the first new entry in the Mario & Luigi saga in nearly nine years.


Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition

Release Date: July 18th, 2024

The latest look teased over 150-speed running challenges and introduced a competitive Survival Mode, where players can compete against others’ best times. The trailer also highlighted the Legend Challenges across 13 classic NES games, all set to release on the Nintendo Switch this July.


Fairy Tail 2

Release Date: Available This Winter

The Fairy Tail 2 trailer featured intense real-time battles and magical fusion attacks. It teased the final battle of Natsu and his friends in an epic action RPG, its currently set to release on the Nintendo Switch this winter.


FANTASIAN Neo Dimension

Release Date: Holiday 2024

The game promises a modern twist on turn-based battles and over 150 hand-crafted dioramas, set to release on the Nintendo Switch this winter.


Nintendo Switch Sports Basketball Trailer

Release Window: Summer 2024

Nintendo will bring basketball to Switch Sports via a free update this Summer. In the trailer, we saw two-on-two matches, a solo 3-point competition, and a new Five Streak Battle mode, where players aim for the highest score against up to three others. The update adds to the existing roster of sports, promising even more options to play solo or challenge your friends.


MIO: Memories in Orbit 

Release Date: TBD 2025

We got our first look at this beautiful looking 2D adventure RPG. Set aboard the Vessel, a massive spaceship adrift in space, players control the android Mio through a world overrun by rogue machines.


Disney Illusion Island Update

Release Date: Available Later Today

The new update introduced the ‘Mystery in Monoth’ as a free content addition. It invites players to solve a new mystery with the Fab Four, featuring platforming adventure and detective elements.


Hello Kitty Adventure

Release Window: TBD 2025

Set on a picturesque island, this life-simulation game invites players to join Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters to restore an abandoned island to its former glory. You’ll meet adorable Sanrio friends and venture out on quests for treasures. You can craft, create, and collect your way to a dreamy island getaway in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, launching exclusively on Switch next year.


Looney Tunes: Wacky World of Sports

Release Date: Fall 2024

The Looney Tunes: Wacky World of Sports trailer introduced a zany sports game with beloved Looney Tunes characters. You’ll be able to compete in basketball, soccer, golf, and tennis while avoiding obstacles and using power-ups to cause mayhem.


Among Us New Roles Update

Release Date: Available Later Today

The trailer showed off new roles for crew mates and impostors. It also included quality-of-life changes like enhanced UI features, additional lobby presets, and more strategic gameplay options.



Release Date: November 1st, 2024

The Farmagia announcement trailer offered a new game where players command a monster army. The adventure unfolds in the perilous lands of Felicidad, promising a blend of strategy and exploration.


Donkey Kong Country Returns HD

Release Date: January 16th, 2025

The classic platformer returns in high definition, Donkey Kong and the crew have never looked better! The trailer highlighted manic mine carts, rocket barrels, and local co-op play, and it looks to bring the beloved game to a new generation of players.


Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake

Release Date: November 14th, 2024

The world premiere trailer revealed a stunning reimagining of the classic RPG. It also highlighted the game’s unique HD-2D art style, combining 3D pixel-based backgrounds with 2D gameplay.


Dragon Quest I & II HD-2D Remake

Release Date: TBD 2025

The second surprise unveiling for the Dragon Quest series showed off a beautifully reimagined version of the first two games in the iconic RPG series. The trailer showcased the games’ HD-2D art style, blending classic pixel art with modern 3D effects.


Funko Fusion

Release Date: September 13th, 2024

Get ready for an action-adventure game where you can dive into the worlds of your favourite Funko Pop characters. The game features over 20 entertainment worlds and 60 unique characters and allows for both single-player and 4-player co-op gameplay.


Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD

Release Date: June 27th, 2024

Luigi is back at it again with some haunted hijinks in this HD version of his spine-tingling adventure! Goofy ghosts, tricky traps, and supernatural shenanigans await in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD.


The New Denpa Men

Release Date: July 22nd, 2024

This unique free-to-play RPG allows players to recruit Denpa Men from their surroundings to form a team. The game features a variety of event stages, base island customization, and activities like fishing.


Metal Slug Attack Reloaded

Release Date: Available Today!

The classic action shooter game has been reimagined as a tower defence game with detailed 2D-pixel art. It showed off beginner-friendly controls and various strategies for crushing enemy bases in the new format.


Darkest Dungeons II

Release Date: July 15th, 2024

The trailer highlighted a post-apocalyptic world where you’ll lead a party of flawed heroes on a road trip of the damned. Focusing on psychological stress and survival, the game challenges you to manage your party’s strengths and weaknesses while confronting the horrors that lurk within and without. Darkest Dungeon II is set to bring its dark, gothic atmosphere to the Nintendo Switch on July 15, 2024.


Nintendo Switch Online Update

Release Date: Available Today!

The trailer highlighted the addition of classic games to the service, including Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance titles. Classic titles like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Perfect Dark for the N64, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Four Swords, and  Metroid: Zero Mission for the Game Boy Advance were added.


Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero

Release Date: TBA 2025

The game utilizes a unique “Confine” system to recruit Phantoms, offering strategic advantages by binding them to objects on the map. With the ability to merge Phantoms with cannons and other gadgets for powerful attacks and Marona’s special “Confriend” ability, the game looks to offer a rich and dynamic combat experience.


Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics

Release Date: TBD 2024

Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics ushers in the return of seven classic fighting games. This power-packed lineup includes X-MEN vs. STREET FIGHTER, MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2 New Age of Heroes, and the first U.S. re-release of THE PUNISHER arcade game. Plus, enhanced features like online play, training modes, rollback net code and more will be included.


Super Mario Party Jamboree

Release Date: October 17th, 2024

Another big surprise arrived with Super Mario Party Jamboree the biggest Mario Party game yet. It features over 110 mini-games, supports up to 20 players online, and introduces new expansive maps like a racetrack and a volcanic board.


The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

Release Date: September 26th, 2024

This new adventure in the legendary series has you control Zelda as she journeys across Hyrule to save the kingdom. With Link out of the picture, Zelda, alongside her companion fairy Tri, uses the Trirod to navigate strange rifts and utilize the echo ability to manipulate the environment and combat enemies.


Nintendo Switch Lite Hyrule Edition

Release Date: September 26th, 2024


Just Dance 2025 Edition

Release Date: October 2024

The latest iteration of the popular dance game series returns this Fall. It features 40 new songs ranging from pop hits to family favourites and introduces new modes for partying, exercising, and creating special family moments.


LEGO Horizon Adventures

Release Date: Holiday 2024

We got another look at the action-packed journey in a LEGO-fied world. Aloy and friends battle against giant LEGO robot dinosaurs and crafting bases, all in a whimsical setting with surprising elements - like hot dogs. Set for a Holiday 2024 release on the Nintendo Switch, it promises a unique blend of adventure and humour.



Release Date: Holiday 2024

Stray, a game where players navigate a forgotten city as a stray cat, has finally found its way to the Nintendo Switch. The trailer highlighted the cat’s exploration of the urban labyrinth, showcasing its ability to leap across rooftops and solve puzzles using feline instincts. Set for a holiday season release in 2024 on the Nintendo Switch, Stray promises an adventure filled with agile maneuvers and atmospheric storytelling.


Tales of a Shire: A Lord of the Ring Game

Release Date: Holiday 2024

The Shire awaits allowing you to live out your dream as a Hobbit. Tend to your garden, fish and gather ingredients to whip up hearty feasts for Bywater’s inhabitants. Help your neighbours, show off your style with diverse outfits, and decorate your Hobbit hole to perfection. Join a community of cheerful Hobbits and beloved characters in Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game, coming to Nintendo Switch this holiday season.


Ace Attorney Investigation Collection

Release Date: September 6th, 2024

Step into the shoes of Miles Edgeworth, the esteemed prosecutor famed for his relentless pursuit of justice, in the Ace Attorney Investigations Collection. This remastered collection includes Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and – in English for the first time – Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Prosecutor’s Gambit. Both games will have HD graphics, newly added languages (including French and German), and fresh character models and artwork.


The Hundred Line: Last Defense Academy

Release Date: TBD 2025

Takumi Sumino has a unique requirement at the Last Defense Academy. Defend the school from hostile student enemies for 100 days!


Romancing SaGa 2: Revenge of the Seven

Release Date: October 24th, 2024

Experience the epic return of Romancing SaGa 2, now fully remade with English voiceovers and music by Kenji Ito. Choose your hero, engage in strategic warfare, and shape a reactive story. Witness the Seven Heroes’ vengeful saga unfold on Nintendo Switch this Fall.


Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

Release Window: TBA 2025

Nintendo ended their Direct with a bang heard round the galaxy: Samus Aran will return in Metroid Prime 4: Beyond. The latest installment of the acclaimed Metroid Prime series set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in 2025. The first look at the game showed off a thrilling first-person adventure with fast-paced gameplay. The new footage revealed a mix of classic features like the Morph-Ball, scanning, and fresh mechanics. Get ready to unravel a story that’s been years in the making.


That’s a wrap on the June 2024 Nintendo Direct

The Nintendo Direct brought the heat with plenty of announcements that offered a mix of nostalgia and innovation. From the seafaring escapades of Mario & Luigi: Brothership to the competitive retro challenges of Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition, there’s something for every type of gamer.

The return of classics like Donkey Kong Country and Luigi’s Mansion in HD, alongside the stunning HD-2D remakes of Dragon Quest, shows Nintendo’s commitment to honouring its legacy while pushing the boundaries with new titles like MIO: Memories in Orbit. With updates and new releases rolling out until 2025, the future looks bright, and I saw over a dozen titles I can’t wait to play.


What were your standouts from the Nintendo Direct? Let me know in the comments below!


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