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PlayStation State of Play September 2022

Tekken 8, Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade, PS VR2, God of War and more make an appearance before TGS 2022 officially kicks off.

The gaming industry continued to fire on all cylinders as the slew of showcases, special presentations and video directs continues. PlayStation was no different as they held their latest State of Play on September 13th, giving us a look at some of the upcoming titles before Tokyo Game Show officially opened. The showcase ran for 20 minutes and featured updates from Japanese partners as well as developers from all over the world. Below you can watch the full presentation in its entirety:

Below you will find all the games shown during the latest State of Play, and each trailer shown during the video showcase.

Tekken 8 flexes its muscle with Unreal Engine 5

The next instalment in the long-running fighting game franchise was used to kick off the State of Play. All the footage shown was in-engine on the PS5, captured in real-time. The models, backdrops, and special effects seen are all the same as those in the actual game. The sequence was captured from the story mode, running at 60 frames per second in stunningly beautiful detail.


Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition

Get ready to set to the Galaxy Edge in an all new adventure for the the PSVR 2. As a Droid Repair Technician who crash lands on Batuu, you'll get swept into a grand adventure, proving that anyone can be a hero. Fight off the Guavian Death Gang in the Batuu wilds, face off against a First Order facility, and tell your own Star Wars story in this action-packed virtual reality game.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge - Enhanced Edition lets you star in your own Star Wars adventure. It allows you to choose different level difficulties, weapons, and more.



Coming soon to PlayStation VR, Demeo is a virtual underworld in the RPG dungeon crawler genre. This cooperative adventure requires strategy, cunning and teamwork, so grab your friends and assemble a party. The fun and fellowship of tabletop gaming comes to PSVR 2 with 4 different adventures, six playable hero classes, and more.


Like a Dragon: Ishin

Set in 1860s Kyo, follow a samurai's fight for justice that has the potential to change Japan's history as we know it. Join the revolution in this action-packed historical adventure, check out the announcement trailer below:


Hogwarts Legacy - PlayStation Exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade Shop Quest

Madame Mason has a Hogsmeade shop where you may buy items, but there's a catch. During a PlayStation-exclusive mission, discover what lies beneath this haunted store. Watch your step - not everyone who enters is able to leave the darkness.


Pacific Drive

In Pacific Drive, you will adventure through the pacific northwest region of America in a battle for survival. Your car will be your only companion as you journey deep into the Olympic Exclusion Zone - a place that's been uninhabited for decades and has an otherworldly aura about it.


PlayStation Stars

Take a first look at some of the digital collectibles that you will be able to earn once you join our new loyalty program, PlayStation Stars.

Sony's PlayStation stars will be available in most countries by September 2022, with regional rollouts in the Americas and Europe to follow. More details to come, for now check out the trailer for the new program:



Join a Magus, your AI partner, on an unforgettable exploration of the post-apocalyptic world of Amasia. In the future, humans and AI must work together in order to reclaim what has been lost. With your mech fighting by your side, compete for resources to help achieve this goal while avoiding the rain.


Stellar Blade (previously Project EVE) gets a extended trailer

In this new trailer, follow EVE on her mission to defend the planet from a powerful opponent. Stellar Blade, previously known as Project EVE, has been formally announced as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive.


Rise of the Ronin

Rise of the Ronin gives you the opportunity to explore an ever-changing world as you combat to establish a new age for Japan. Take part in an immersive combat-focused action game as a Ronin, a free man without masters or shackles, whose fate is entwined with fellow warriors and other characters he meets along his journey.


God of War Ragnarök new story trailer and new controller announced

Finally, the State of Play was concluded on a high note with a tantalizing new look at God of War. Sony revealed a brand new DualSense controller colorway, as well as a new story trailer that showed off some of the game's Norse mythology-inspired setting and story.

In the trailer, fans were given a look at what's in-store for Kratos and Atreus as the coming of Ragnarök approaches the Nine Realms. With stunning visuals, a huge cast of characters, and an emotionally charged story, God of War Ragnarök is looking like it will be one of the PlayStation platforms defining games.


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