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Remembering Artemis

Taking a "paws" to eulogize an irreplaceable part of the dapper family, Arty.

In this space I often share news, reviews and other content related to gaming, tech and lifestyle pieces. It just didn’t seem right to continue “business as usual” and not to acknowledge the passing our dapper little pup, Arty. We put him to rest last Sunday, July 10th on his 13th birthday of all days, it was absolutely heart breaking.

It’s been hard to do much of anything since. I wanted so dearly for him to be able to spend his last full birthday with us at his favourite spot on the beach, but he faded so fast. I am grateful that the family could comfort him and let him know just how much we loved him. It’s been a week of remembering him and looking through so many of the thousands of photos and videos of the little guy.

The OG Player 2

He had long happy life filled with so many adventures, but we all wanted more time. Arty has been there for it all, in the good times and the bad, my OG player 2. He’d sleep in my lap or snuggle up on my shoulders as I played countless games, there for many all-nighters. Every game I have professionally reviewed over the course of my career he was there, keeping me company for well over a decade. That’s a staggering number of virtual adventures together and he was content to just be there with me snoozing in my lap. He’d be happiest when these gaming sessions included a pizza, absolutely loved pepperoni.

Through Thick and Thin

He shared so many countless moments, big life events, career milestones as Ms.Tux and I built our life together, he was the constant. Arty was (and is) our little baby boy, and he undoubtedly made us better people, and parents to Dapper Jr. He was also an awesome big (but very little) brother instantly loving and welcoming Jr. when he first returned home from the hospital.

One of my earliest memories of the two of them together was playing Forza Horizon 2, a 5-month-old Dapper Jr. cradled in one arm, and Arty snuggled into the both of us.

It’s hard to remember a time in my adult life that he wasn’t keeping me company, he was just always there.

Our Little Shadow

If you know anything about our family, you know Arty is the little shadow that’s gone everywhere with us. From moving homes, travelling all over, Toronto, New York, Buffalo, Boston, Washington and beyond he’s been there, just happiest to be with us through all of it.

He was truly the best furry little soul anyone could ask for, and we feel so lucky to have had him in our lives. We will miss him dearly but take comfort knowing he is now pain free and gone for a long sleep.

No adventure, virtual or otherwise, is going to be the same without him.

I love you Arty, thank you for being the best boy ever.


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