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Returnal Launches on PC February 15th

Returnal crash lands on PC on February 15th, 2023 with a host of new features.

Prepare to traverse alien worlds, solve puzzles, and battle deadly enemies as you uncover the mysteries of Atropos. With a unique Roguelike-inspired experience that changes with every playthrough, Returnal will keep you on your toes for hours. It's no secret that I loved my time with the game on the PlayStation 5, it earned a 36/40 (90%) you can check out the full review here. Now it's time for PC players to step into their space suits and get in on the action. Let's take a look at all the features and hardware specs for the upcoming release.

NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR added to the PC Returnal Experience

NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR are now available, so you can boost your framerate without sacrificing the resolution of your images. NVIDIA NIS is a great choice for gamers who don't have the hardware to take advantage of DLSS or FSR but still want improved performance.

Ray-traced reflections added

Besides already offering ray-traced shadows, Climax Studios also added support for RT reflections. By adding this detail, the dark backdrop will be further enhanced by neon bullets that stand out and grab attention. Two new, ultra-wide resolution formats are now available to players - Ultrawide at 21:9 and an even wider Super Ultrawide 32:9. Imagine all the extra, unbridled visuals you'll take in when fighting massive alien bosses.

Full Returnal PC Specs:

3D soundscapes of an alien world

The intense 3D sound of Returnal will also be coming to PC through Dolby Atmos. You can also choose between two 3D audio solutions, or 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound. Make the most of your Returnal experience with custom ray-traced audio that will have you fully immersed in the alien atmosphere.

DualSense Controller, keyboard and mouse support added

One of my favourite parts of Returnal on the PS5 was the DualSense controller integration. Its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will be compatible with the PC port. Keyboard and Mouse support is available, along with a wide range of customization options to suit your preferences.

Ready to explore Atropos? Returnal launches on PC on February 15th, in the meantime be sure to check out my full PS5 review and keep an eye out for more news as we get closer to launch.


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