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Starfield Goes Gold, Preload Detailed

Starfield's central development cycle is complete and the game has gone gold along with preload availability.

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It's nearly time for lift off, space explorers. The moment we've all been eagerly waiting for is finally here. Starfield, the highly-anticipated interstellar RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, has officially gone gold. This development milestone is a massive one, signalling the game's development has wrapped up and it's ready to be manufactured, shipped out, and delivered into the eager hands of players on launch day on September 6th, 2023.

two Starfield astronauts look our on an alien world with rocks, a creature and a sunset

Starfield's long journey to launch

Starfield's journey to gold status wasn't a stroll through the cosmos. After its initial tease in 2018, it took a further three years to get another look with an in-game trailer at E3 2021. The initial launch date was set for November 11th, 2022, but the complexities of development, COVID-19 barriers and the desire to deliver a polished experience led to a delay until the first half of 2023. Then, in March 2023, Starfield was postponed again to September 6th, 2023, making its total development time seven years. Finally, with this big milestone we are just weeks away from launch.

Starfield ship flying into space surrounded by stars.

The cosmo are calling

Starfield promises to be one of Bethesda's most ambitious experiences yet, offering a rich and immersive sci-fi world teeming with hundreds of planets, factions, and quests to unearth. You're in the captain's seat with deep character customization that lets you craft your own unique space explorer. From background and skills to perks and appearance, every detail is in your hands. Even your spaceship and gear are customizable, adding another layer of personalization to your galactic adventure.

You can also recruit companions to join you on your cosmic journey, lending a helping hand during combat. With a dynamic weather system, a day-night cycle, and a realistic physics engine, Starfield allows you to traverse the galaxy at your own pace.

An astronaut looks outside their cockpit to the stars.

Starfield pre-load information

Counting down the days until September 6th to start your interstellar adventure? I've got good news for you. If you're an Xbox Series X|S or PC user, you can preload Starfield ahead of its release. Preloading lets you download the game files before the official launch, so you can hit jump into hyper space as soon as the game unlocks. For Xbox Series X|S users, preloading begins tomorrow, August 17th, 2023, while PC users can start their preloading journey from August 30th, 2023, either through Steam or the launcher.

Astronauts looks out to an alien terrain with mountains on the horizon.

Get ready to chart your interstellar course with Starfield

So, are you ready to chart your course through the stars with Starfield? Share your excitement in the comments below. And remember to stay tuned to for more on Starfield's gameplay, storyline, and features. The cosmos awaits, space explorers!


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