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New Street Fighter 6 Reveals at EVO 2022

Capcom introduces new fighters and voice talent coming to Street Fighter 6 when it launches in 2023, all the details.

This past weekend, Street Fighter 6 brought a slew of announcements to the Evolution Championship Series (Evo) 2022. Developer Capcom unveiled even more details around the game, introducing 2 new fighters and additional real-time commentators to the roster. The newest fighters are Kimberly, the franchise's youngest ninja, and Juri, the Street Fighter V thrill seeker. The two will be among the game's initial characters when it releases in 2023. Along with virtual fighting talent, Tasty Steve and James Chen, two well-known fighting game commentators will also lend their vocals to the game.

Kimberly and Juri Join Street Fight 6 Roster

The newest Street Fighter 6 characters are bound to deliver some decisive KOs. Kimberly combines her talents as a ninja with her passion for '80s pop culture to deliver a deadly fighting style.

Juri is back and she's added a few new skills to her repertoire so she can savor her opponents agony. If you want a further look at each of their moves, you can check out the Capcom News Blog for all the details. Kimberly and Juri now join Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, Jamie, and Guile on the Street Fighter 6 roster for announced characters.

New Voices on the Streets

Tasty Steve and James Chen, two seasoned veterans on the Capcom Pro Tour circuit, have been added as real-time commentators for Street Fighter 6. They'll join the likes of Vicious and Aru to help deliver the hype for every match. Players can listen as their favourite fighting game commentators call the action with simple gameplay explanations. It looks to add a new level of realism and excitement I am really looking forward to.

As always, stay tuned to for all the latest Capcom and Street Fighter 6 news and updates!


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