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The Upside Down Invades Toronto with Stranger Things 4 Debut

Toronto's Stranger Things Season 4 watch party featured upside down oddities and delicious series-themed food.

I'm as big a fan as any when it comes to Stranger Things. In fact, you can trace my connection to each of the series premiers to the pop ups and collabs Netflix hosts to ramp up the excitement around the show. One pattern that has emerged at these events is unique culinary creations themed after Stranger Things. As exciting as the series is, I love the celebratory lead up to the actual debut, the more non-traditional, the better! There have been some seriously creative crossovers with big food brands and Netflix's mega hit series dating back to 2019.

"As exciting as the series is, I love the celebratory lead up to the actual debut, the more non-traditional, the better!"

Baskin-Robbins Transforms into "Scoops Ahoy"

For the Season 3 premier in 2019, Baskin-Robbins turned back the clock to the summer of 1985 by bringing "Scoops Ahoy," the iconic ice cream shop from the show, to life. In Toronto, Baskin-Robbins transformed their shop in Woodbine Mall & Fantasy Fair to the nautical-themed ice cream parlour. The second location they gave the "Scoops Ahoy" makeover was in California, check out the transformation below:

You can bet your Scoops Ahoy sailor's hat Dapper Jr. and I were there to check out the limited edition treats. From Upside Down and Demogorgon Sundaes, to our favourite the "USS Butterscotch Sundae" it was a cool (pun intended) way to celebrate the new season.

Baskin-Robbins' Scoops Ahoy Menu

Check out the official gallery below from Baskin-Robbins 2019 collab with Stranger Things, shoutout to the creativity of the Demogorgon Sundae, really looks like the terming creature:

Stranger Things Season 4 Toronto Experience

For the premiere of Season 4, Netflix Canada was at it again, this time bringing the upside down into the heart of Toronto.

Stranger Things Season 4 Experience in the Heart of Toronto

Fast forward to 2022, and the debut of Season 4 on Netflix brought with it a new culinary experience. A massive pop-up viewing party in Toronto's downtown core. I've found the city's patio scene to be out of this world, but this event takes the cake...or Eleven's waffles?

The fully outdoor event took place RendezViews West, located at 229 Richmond St. W.

The space featured a massive viewing screen, an Upside Down photo-op and a menu themed after the show.

The selection would make Eleven proud, here is a detailed look at what was there from photo ops to the food:

Photo-Op: A Rift Opens into the Upside Down

One of the main draws for me was the exclusive photo-op featuring an overturned Hawkins police cruiser. The 1988 Chevy Caprice was covered in black tentacles, with mist pouring out of the inside of the car. The vehicle was also flanked by scientists in Hazmat suits investigating the scene.

It was a very cool backdrop for the watch party, and as the sun started to set, it aligned more with the creepy atmosphere of the show's premiere. Overall, it a was cool addition to make the occasion with a selfie or two.

Stranger Things Themed Eats

Along with the Upside Down pouring into the space, there was also an exclusive "Stranger Things 4 Menu." The items included one main dish, "The Eleven" and a bright, scarlet red cocktail, "The Strangest Thing."

"The Eleven"

The chicken and waffle main course would definitely score big points with El. The dish doubled down on her love of Eggo waffles with a deluxe Belgian Waffle, topped with Dr. J's pulled pork, creamy coleslaw and maple syrup. I've had quite a few twists on "Chicken and Waffles," this was one of the best with notes of spiciness and a sweet maple finish.

"The Strangest Thing"

The blood red cocktail featured Crown Royal, Campari, Dry Vermouth, Fresh Lemon Juice, Grenadine topped with Sprite. Dapper Jr. and I went with the mock-tail version, it was sweet and refreshing, a great drink for a hot summer night.

Stranger Things Season 4 Now Streaming on Netflix

The "Stranger Things experience" was a great way to kick off the new season while enjoying some delicious eats and drinks.

Whether you are looking to enjoy Season 4 of Stranger Things publicly, or from the comfort of your own couch, the first seven episodes are now available to stream on Netflix. The current season has a new approach to how episodes are presented. Although there are fewer episodes, they are super-sized 75-minute installments have been split into two volumes.

Volume 1, which includes the first seven episodes, was released on May 27th. The second volume will arrive July 1st, 2022 with the final two installments.

What are your thoughts on the new season of Stranger Things? Let me know in the comments below!

This story is dedicated to the Slurpee loving hero Dr. Alexei, pouring one out for you pal.


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