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The World Cup Arrives in FIFA 23

A new update has arrived for FIFA 23 adding the World Cup experience to your virtual pitch.

It's been four long years but the FIFA World Cup has finally arrived in Qatar for 2022. This promises to be a tournament like no other, bringing with it many firsts. This year's edition of EA Sports FIFA 23 is ready for Qatar, bringing free features and extras that will make your World Cup experience even more exciting on the virtual pitch. If you own FIFA 23 you can dive in now and experience the new World Cup 2022 content. Let's take a look at what's arriving:

Match Day Experience

From the iconic trophy, stadium dressings, custom video packages and much more, FIFA 23 has you covered. Players have also seen upgrades too, with new likeness details added, improved animations and more. The match day atmosphere has also been enhanced with better crowd effects and custom audio packages to give you the feeling of being at a real World Cup game.

Match Ball and Other Extras

No tournament would be complete without its official ball! With FIFA 23, you get exclusive access to the official Qatar 2022 match ball, which boasts a unique design featuring traditional Arabic artistry inspired by symbols from Qatar’s past. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also other extras such as team kits, flags and banners for all 32 participating nations for an extra level of realism when you recreate your favorite national teams biggest moments in FIFA 23.

Custom and live tournament mode

The new update will also let you play as any of the 32 qualified nations in an authentic single-player simulation of the entire FIFA World Cup 2022 from the opening match to the championship game. You can also customize your tournament experience by changing groups and substituting in teams that didn’t qualify. If you’re feeling social, FIFA 23 has got you covered too, the game features a Live Tournament Mode where you can compete against other players in an online tournament.

Your FIFA World Cup

Players can choose a nation and select a live starting point from past or current match days. The single player tournament, uploads all the real-world progress made to date – including line-ups, match stats, and standings from the IRL tournament. This way, players can take control of their team’s destiny, with the most up-to-date information available.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 experience is right at your fingertips, so get ready to take on the world and show everyone what you’re made of. Immerse yourself in a tournament like no other with the new FIFA 23 update and create your own unforgettable moments.

FIFA World Cup: Live

From November 21st to December 18th, players will be able to jump into the FIFA World Cup: Live experience on FIFA 23. The new live experience will be updated during the Group and Knockout Stages of the tournament, allowing players to follow along with realistic fixtures and squads for each game. If you don't like a result, you can rewrite history by changing the outcome of any past game.

The FIFA 23 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. Get it now and start your journey to glory in Qatar 2022!


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