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Celebrating Video Game Moms on Mother's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, here are some of the most iconic video game moms for you. Happy Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day celebrate with some of the toughest video game moms out there! They’ve raised some incredible heroes (and villains) that have kept us entertained for hours. It’s not easy being a mom in the gaming world, not only do they protect and nurture, but some get a very small part of the limelight. These maternal characters break all molds, live dangerously and still have time for family.

"These maternal characters break all molds and live dangerously, all while still having time for family."

Let’s credit these moms with shaping some of the most iconic characters and stories in the interactive industry today.


Saga Anderson - Alan Wake II

Saga Anderson is a protagonist in the absolutely stellar survival horror thriller Alan Wake II, you can check out a full review of the game here. Anderson stands out as a great videogame mom for several reasons. Here's a quick background on her character: she’s an FBI agent with supernatural abilities to profile victims and suspects through telepathy, which she calls her “Mind Place.” This unique skill set makes her an exceptional agent and a protective and insightful mother.

The heart of Saga's story is her daughter, Logan. Alan Wake II spoiler warning: When a manuscript, penned by Alan Wake is manipulated by his evil doppelgänger “Scratch,” it foretells Logan’s demise. Saga’s love for her daughter is pushed to its limits as she battles supernatural forces to protect Logan. Her unwavering determination to defy fate showcases her strength and the depth of her maternal love. With the aid of Alan’s wife, Alice, Saga triumphs over Scratch, saving her daughter and demonstrating her fierce resolve.

Saga’s character is a testament to the resilience and courage of mothers, both in the real world and Alan Wake’s spiralling universe. Anderson is not just a gaming hero; she symbolizes the great lengths moms will go to protect their families. 


Freya - God of War 2018 and God of War Ragnarök

Freya, also known as The Witch of the Woods, is a complex and powerful character in the God of War series. The ex-wife of Odin and estranged mother of Baldur, is a Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. In the God of War series, she is portrayed as a compassionate and caring mother who deeply loves her son, Baldr. She is a fierce, driven warrior who will stop at nothing to protect the ones that she loves.

God of War story SPOILERS ahead... However, things take a tragic turn for her and this transforms Freya's love into an unyielding desire for revenge. She becomes one of Kratos and Atreus's most formidable adversaries, driven by her grief and the need for vengeance. Throughout their encounters, Freya constantly challenges Kratos and Atreus, seeking retribution. Despite her relentless pursuit, her actions are fueled by a mother's love, albeit twisted by pain and anger. Her character presents a nuanced portrayal of motherhood, exploring the lengths a mother will go to protect and avenge her child.

God of War Ragnarok delves deeper into Freya's character, revealing new layers of her complex personality and exploring the boundaries of her love as a mother. Freya stands as a testament to the multifaceted portrayal of motherhood in video games. She showcases the strength, vulnerability, and unwavering love that define many video game mothers.


Lilith - The "Mother of Sanctuary" Diablo IV

Lilith, the demonic villain of Diablo IV, is another example of a "motherly" character in video games, one that you might want to avoid. As the niece of Diablo, Lilith is a powerful dark figure who seeks to bring chaos and destruction. As the "Mother of Sanctuary," Lilith significantly influences the land and its inhabitants. Sanctuary, the realm caught between Heaven and Hell, serves as the backdrop for the eternal struggle between angels and demons. Lilith's machinations threaten to tip the delicate balance, and players are thrust into the midst of this epic conflict as they confront her and the forces she commands.

As players delve deeper into the dark and treacherous world of Diablo IV, they will encounter Lilith's influence and face the challenges she presents. Her role as the Mother of Sanctuary represents a formidable force that must be reckoned with, showcasing her power and influence over the game's narrative. Her character adds a layer of complexity to the typical portrayal of motherhood in video games, highlighting the diverse range of maternal figures in the gaming industry.

Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village

Alcina Dimitrescu “Lady Dimitrescu” (Resident Evil Village)

One of the most lethal video game moms arriving on the survival horror scene is Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village. The matriarch of the Dimitrescu family is quite literally a superhuman mom, imbued with terrifying powers from parasitic Bio Organic Weapons (BOWs). Standing at over 9 feet tall, she has superhuman regenerative powers and strength making her a formidable foe.

Using the same parasitic bioweapons that gave her powers, Lady Dimitrescu created three daughters Daniela, Bela and Cassandra. The family rules the surrounding region with an iron fist, you definitely want to steer clear of this fatal four.


Ellie The Last of Us Part II

Ellie and Dina (The Last of Us Part II)

Through the layers of incredible storytelling in The Last of Us Part II protagonist Ellie and her long-time friend Dina become romantically involved. Explaining their connection and path to motherhood really spoils a lot of the game’s storyline, if you haven’t played TLOU2 yet, I recommend skipping this section and experiencing this masterpiece for yourself.

The Last of Us II picks up with many of the same characters fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Ellie, Dina and Jesse are involved in a complicated semi-love triangle while on a path of revenge for the murder of Joel Miller. Dina, before becoming more deeply involved with Ellie, dated Jesse and accidentally got pregnant. Unfortunately, in an ambush Jesse loses his life leaving Dina and Ellie to raise his unborn child.

Fast forward a few months after these tragic events and JJ (Jesse Joel) is born to his two mothers Dina (biological) and Ellie (adoptive). The family is living a near storybook ending on a secluded farm carving out their own little paradise. The two moms do an incredible job of shielding their son from the horrors of this post-pandemic world offers, but cracks begin to show. Ellie is a great mother to JJ but she is tormented by not being able to track down Joel’s killer and exact revenge. She can’t sleep or eat and eventually leaves her new family behind to seek out retribution.

Guitar by window Last of Us Part II
"It’s heartbreaking to see Ellie leave the farm and abandon the love and happiness she has found."

It’s heartbreaking to see Ellie leave the farm and abandon the love and happiness she has found. This also creates a ripple effect that forces Dina and JJ to later abandon their home and move back to their old community. It’s a “paradise lost” moment for Ellie who risks it all just to confront Joel’s killer.

The end of the game leaves quite a bit up for interpretation with Dina, Ellie and JJ’s future. Let’s hope it means Ellie’s darkest days are behind her and she has reunited with her family.


Moxxi Borderlands

Mad Moxxi (Borderlands Series)

This Borderlands mom is tough as nails and is someone you definitely don’t want to mess with! She is one of the most iconic characters in the game’s twisted cannon and her beautiful, yet maniacal persona fits right in with the rest of the anarchy. She has sent me on many insane errands and introduced some of the most unreal personalities in gaming, like Tiny Tina.

"She has sent me on many insane errands and introduced some of the most unreal personalities in gaming, like Tiny Tina."

Moxxi is also quite the entrepreneur, she’s the hostess of Colosseum matches in The Underdome (imagine Roman gladiators meets Mad Max) and owns many bars across Pandora. As a tough, working mom, she has her soft spot for her family; specifically, her daughter Ellie and her Son scooter. Hopefully, her family gathers around a nice skag roast in her honour this Mother’s Day, if not they could be thrown to the hounds, literally!


Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat series)

Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat series)

A mainstay character in the classic fighter, Sonya Blade has been scrapping with the forces of evil since Mortal Kombat debut in 1992. I have a long history with this seemingly immortal mom going all the way back to the arcade era; her klassic “kiss of death” was my go-to fatality!

Sonya became a mom when she married Johnny Cage and they had a daughter, Cassie Cage. Cassie inherited her father’s wit and her mother’s headstrong nature working tirelessly to live up to her parent’s legendary legacy.

It’s doubtful that Sonya will take a break on Mother’s Day, after all she is always on high alert ensuring that all realms are safe. Picking out a “thanks for saving Earthrealm” mother’s day card might be a little difficult, best of luck Cassie!


Anya Stroud Gears of War

Anya Stroud (Gears of War)

Anya Stroud has seen it all, she participated in some of the deadliest encounters in the Gears of War saga with both human and Locust enemies. As a Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) communications officer turned frontline Delta Squad soldier she is a warrior with both brains and brawn. I can still hear Anya calling out directions to my squad in the first Gears of War and she was invaluable in helping with deploying the Hammer of Dawn super weapon.

"Stroud and Fenix fought side-by-side through some of the most iconic battles in the franchise taking the fight to the leader of the Locust, Queen Myrrah."

Stroud befriended and later fell in love with the lead character of the Gears series, Marcus Fenix. Stroud and Fenix fought side-by-side through some of the most iconic battles in the franchise taking the fight to the leader of the Locust, Queen Myrrah. After the war Marcus and Anya settle down and had a son, JD Fenix. Fenix Jr. carries the torch for a new generation to experience in Gears of War 4 and Gears 5. Tip your Lancer to Anya, without this warrior-mom the Locust could have prevailed, and JD would not have existed!


Elena Fisher (Uncharted series)

Elena Fisher (Uncharted series)

If you haven’t played the Uncharted series, it’s an absolute must! Imagine a modern-day Indiana Jones with incredible characters and vistas that you get to playthrough; it’s gameplay and storytelling magic! The series features some of the most fleshed out characters in video game storytelling. Although the Uncharted series is centred around Nathan Drake, his love interest, Elena Fisher, is just as strong and charismatic. She bucks the gaming trend of “damsel in distress” and can hold her own in extreme situations.

"She bucks the gaming trend of “damsel in distress” and can hold her own in extreme situations."

When the bullets start flying in a dangerous jungle, I totally want Elena on my side! Nathan and Elena along with Victor Sullivan, globe trot in search of fortune and notoriety solving some the biggest historical mysteries on Earth. At the end of their adventures Drake and Elena settle down and have a daughter of their own, Cassie, who could continue her parents’ adventuring ways.


Big Mama Metal Gear Solid

EVA aka Big Mama (Metal Gear Solid)

Raised and trained in a joint U.S.-Soviet-Chinese military facility, she became one of the most lethal deep cover agents the world has ever seen. I was first introduced to Eva during my missions through the Soviet jungle in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater where she posed as a KGB agent. Her legend only grew since then, with every successful mission infiltrating her way deeper into government agencies around the world.

"Her legend only grew since then, with every successful mission infiltrating her way deeper into government agencies around the world."

How does she fit into Mother’s Day you ask? EVA was a volunteer surrogate to Big Boss, giving birth to twin boys; Solid and Liquid Snake. This super-spy mom gave birth to the most iconic espionage agent in Solid Snake, leading to one of my favourite games of all time Metal Gear Solid.


Xenomorph (Alien: Isolation)

Xenomorph (Alien: Isolation)

The most terrifying and lethal mom on this list is Alien: Isolation’s Xenomorph, that’s quite the feat, considering the company. This alien mom loves to grow her family in hosts that are both willing, and completely unwilling… yes, it’s as disgusting as it sounds.

"Flowers will not cut it for this mom, she’s always looking for something a little more skin deep…"

I was stalked by this creature on Sevastopol, turning the space station into a carnival of horrors; you are literally helpless for the majority of the game against Ms.“God Mode” Xenomorph. I hid in vents, lockers, and under tables in order to survive against a vastly overpowered enemy. Flowers will not cut it for this mom, she’s always looking for something a little more skin deep…


Mother Brain (Metroid)

Mother Brain (Metroid)

Speaking of iconic monstrous moms, let’s not forget one of the very first with Metroid’s Mother Brain. No matter how many times Samus puts a stop to Mother Brains’ reign of terror she seems to return, after all the Space Pirates and the planet Zebes aren’t going to control themselves! If you are looking for an epic adventure set in this universe, check out my Metroid Dread review. You’ll really need to put a lot of thought into her Mother’s Day gift; after all, she’s a giant brain that has most likely thought twelve steps ahead of you! Good Luck!

Whether it’s 8-bit or beyond, wishing you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day!


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