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Video Game Genre Spotlight

Check out my full overview of each video game genre, what’s trending, and the biggest upcoming titles to look out for.

Recently on the Best Buy Blog, I took a genre-by-genre look at some of the best experiences the gaming industry has to offer. I had a lot of fun writing these series of articles from action games to RPGs I got to reminisce about dozes of incredible games I've played. It was fun looking back and ahead to some of the great upcoming titles.

The wild, wonderful world of video games spans multiple platforms, with a variety of experiences across a plethora of genres. The depth of the gaming industry can be seen through all the unique journeys available to us. From scoring a Stanley Cup winning goal to saving the world from the clutches of evil aliens and more. I’m here to provide you with an overview of each genre, covering the classics, what’s trending and upcoming titles you should keep eye on.

Action genre

When I think “action” it conjures up images of Hollywood blockbuster films with big explosions and pulse pounding sequences. Action games are cut from the same cloth, testing your mettle, reaction times and your trigger finger. Some of the franchises that have become staples of the action genre are titles like Call of Duty, Death Loop and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

For the rest of the article check out the original story on Best Buy Blog here.


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