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Xbox Design Lab Returns

Get your favourite color scheme ready, it's time to hit the lab!

Today during an extended E3 Xbox x Bethesda showcase Microsoft revealed the Xbox Design Lab is making its return.

After the custom controller program took a brief hiatus in Fall of 2020 the lab is cooking once again. This time it is returning with new Xbox Series X | S options on the updated next-gen controllers. You can now customize more components of the new Xbox Wireless Controller. This includes the hybrid D-pad, textured triggers, Share button, and more.

New Larger Color Palette

The Design Lab 2.0 lets you choose from a wider palette of 18 colors, including the new Shock Blue, Pulse Red, and Electric Volt. The extra color options add thousands of options to the millions of combinations.

Expanded Ways to Customize

Along with the new expanded array of shell colors, button customization now has more options. You can now select black-on-colour ABXY buttons options and change the color options for the View, Menu and Share. Older features like engraving make their return to add even more to the design.

Custom laser-engraving options let you truly make it your own with a specialized message, there is an extra associated cost. Microsoft also announced that the controller's plastics contain 30% post-consumer recycled materials. So you also get a little extra piece of mind knowing the hardware is a little more ecofriendly.

Xbox Game Studios Controller Line-up

All these different color options can make final decisions tough, thankfully there are present templates and themed controllers. You can pick a design inspired by Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2 and Obsidian’s Grounded. I have to give the nod here to the Grounded controller the “Electric Volt” adds a zap of color.

Dapper Junior’s Designs

The user interface for the design labs hub has always been fun and accessible. My 7-year-old "Dapper Jr.", designed a few of his own inspired controllers. The first turquoise one is what he has named the "Summer Funtime Controller" and the second is pink "Cotton Candy Controller." Take a look:

Feeling inspired? You can order your own custom controller here today, enjoy and don’t forget to share your designs on social media with the #XboxDesignLab hashtag.



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