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Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition

The Xbox Remix controller is designed with style and sustainability in mind for a greener gaming experience.

Microsoft's latest Xbox Wireless Controller, the "Remix Special Edition," has piqued my interest both in its design aesthetic and its environmentally friendly side. Earth Day is quickly approaching and it's the perfect time to invest in a controller that not only looks unique but is also made from recycled materials. The "Remix" edition controller is made from recovered plastics, with one-third of it coming from regrind and reclaimed materials. This not only helps reduce waste, but the resulting design features custom earth-tone colours with a beautiful design.

The controller is also equipped with all the features you'd expect from a standard Xbox Wireless Controller. It includes an integrated 3.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth connectivity, contoured for your hands and triggers, with a textured grip for more comfortable gaming sessions.

Xbox One controllers get a new lease on life

For the new remix controller, Microsoft is using post-consumer recycled resins (PCR) and previously moulded coloured parts from leftover Xbox One generation controllers. The regrind process of recycling leftover plastic parts into raw materials that can be used to create new controllers that maintain durability and performance. They incorporate recycled materials from plastic water jugs, automotive headlight covers, and CDs, further reducing their carbon footprint.

Earth-inspired design

The controller's design is inspired by natural landscapes and the physical world around us. I love the "patchwork" effect created by the various earth-tone colours and the vibrant green Xbox button, D-pad, and front case colour inspired by lichen. The topographic texture pattern on the bumpers, triggers, and side grip areas is a nod to Earth's dynamic landscape.

Helps reduce one-use disposable batteries

Along with the controller, the package comes with the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack, which provides up to 30 hours of battery life per charge. This means no more having to buy disposable batteries and helps reduce waste. The USB-C Cable included with the battery pack allows you to continue playing while charging your Xbox controller. You can even charge it when your Xbox is on standby, either during or after your latest session.

Wide range of compatibility

Moreover, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Remix Special Edition is not only compatible with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles but also Windows 10 + 11 and mobile devices via Bluetooth. This makes it perfect for gamers like me who enjoy playing on multiple platforms.

Greener options for Earth Day and beyond

It's great to see Microsoft move toward greater sustainability across its product line. I am excited to go hands-on with the Xbox Wireless Controller Remix Special Edition. It will be released on April 18 and you can pre-order it now for $84.99 USD. If you're looking for more sustainable and unique gaming accessories, this controller is a fun way to celebrate Earth Day.


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