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Halo Infinite Inspired Rockstar Energy Cans Have Arrived

Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink have unveiled five exclusive collector’s edition cans, along with exclusive prizes.

Starting October 1 and through the lead up to Halo Infinite launch on December 8, limited-edition artist-series cans will be available in the United States and Canada. Each can offers a chance to unlock exclusive in-game content and daily prizes ranging from copies of Halo Infinite to an Xbox Series X bundle.

The artists behind the designs

Xbox and Rockstar tapped five acclaimed artists to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite and design the collector cans. Their interpretations of Master Chief were combined with the unique monochromatic colour schemes creating some stunning artwork. The group behind the designs include artists Matt Taylor, Oliver Barrett, Dan Mumford, Yuko Shimizu and Hydro74 a.k.a. Joshua M. Smith.

Exclusive in-game content details

From October 1 until December 31, 2021, players can claim the digital codes located under the tab of every Halo Infinite series can. Codes will unlock Challenge Swaps and 2XP that will level up gear at launch as you play.

The contest’s “unlock path” offers custom in-game emblems like the Banished’s version of the Grav Hammer, the exclusive “Nocturne Star” collection of vehicle and weapon coatings for the Warthog / Razorback vehicle and the MA40 weapon.

Physical prizes

With each can purchase, fans will earn entries for the opportunity to win copies of Halo Infinite and an Xbox Series X prize bundle. The prize bundle will feature an Xbox Series X console, digital copy of Halo Infinite, a Razer Raptor 27” monitor, and Razer Kaira Pro Halo Infinite headset.

In the US, Xbox and Rockstar Energy Drink will also offer one lucky winner the chance to take home the ultimate Grand Prize: a bespoke Jeep Gladiator created by Rockstar Energy Drink and Halo. Inspired by the power of Master Chief, the custom vehicle will feature Master Chief-colored protective coating, massive 43” extreme traction tires, stylized body armor, performance upgrades and pro-level suspension ready for any level of terrain from rock crawling to cruising the pavement.

To learn how to redeem under-the-tab codes and for full program rules, visit


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