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Video Game Genre Spotlight: Action

Looking for white knuckle action? I explore some of the best action video game in this adrenaline focused feature.

As the video game industry continues to grow and evolve, so do the variety of experiences it has to offer. One of the most popular categories out there is the action genre with titles that will test your skills. The high-octane genre spans over quite a few subcategories from fighting games to survival experiences. We’ll explore some of the best action games out currently and take a look at what’s coming soon.

Let’s dive into one of the largest gaming genres out there and find an experience that’s right for you!

Fighting games

Nothing says action like a knock-down-drag-out fighter that depends on hair trigger reflexes to emerge victorious...

For the full article and dozens of high impact titles check out my original article on Best Buy Canada's Best Buy Blog.


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